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Yurn Smart LED Hot-Cold Infuser Bottle

Hot-Cold Insulation Bottle with smart LED Temperature Aid & Infuser

  • ✔️Double-walled, air-tight cylinder
    ✔️Sleek anti-dent, stainless steel body, with an internal copper lining, 14-24 hour temperature retention 
    ✔️Leak-protection from the world’s leading tailless vacuum thermos system
    ✔️Separate infusing compartment for fresh brewing whenever ready to drink
    ✔️Non-corrosive, anti-oxidation, non-metallic/plasticky smell/taste overtime
    ✔️Sip-safe LED temperature display
    ✔️Built-in anti-flip silicone coaster on the bottom


    "Finally, a bottle you'll actually use.."

    We are so proud to share the one of a kind, Yurn Smart Bottle, made with exquisite workmanship and cutting-edge technology. 

    It has a 400ml capacity, so you're not always refilling, and it is actually light enough for you to take everywhere. 

    The Yurn Smart Bottle is made of a 316 medical stainless steel liner on the inside, and a 304 stainless steel tank on the outside which makes it doubly durable and secure. This product was created through our advanced welding technology matched with the world’s leading tailless vacuum thermos system to overcome the highest standards of leak protection tests. Bye Bye, spills!

    The Yurn Smart Bottle greatly outperforms at a 18/8 food grade in anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance. It was designed to overcome the test of time by protecting the taste of your liquids from the average metal lining and risk of rust found in most daily use bottles. The BPA-free silicone rubber on each lid not only ensures against leaks, but also makes sure that there are never any "plastic-ky" or "metal-ly" smells. 


    Good-looking, but make it smarter

    It also comes with an innovative, anti-scald, LED temperature display, which when gently tapped, gives you the temperature of the beverage for safer consumption and easy portability. It's perfect for people who almost always burn their tongue in the over-excitement of drinking their morning coffee. Also, great for individuals who are learning to develop temperature sensitivity.

    ..and, of course, a built-in INFUSER, so you can brew and blend on the go - giving you full control over the flavor, strength, duration and freshness of your favorite beverages. Can we give it a round of applause already?


    A bottle that stands up for itself

    The dual wall system we talked about earlier, also comes with a premium copper coating on the exterior of the inner wall, making it absolutely unbeatable in temperature retention, keep liquids hot up to 12 hrs and cold up to 24 hrs - now that's some long-lasting insulation.

    It's grippy built-in silicone coaster makes it stable and sturdy from falls and flips - making it a friendly companion for hiking, camping, and everyday adventures.


    Capacity: 400ml/13.52Oz

    Product size: 22.5cm*6.5cm

    Weight: 296G

    Colors: Carbon Black, Classic White


    316 stainless steel (inner tank), 304 stainless steel (housing), ​PP food grade (lid), Tritan (tea/seeds/flavor infuser), ​Silicone food-grade (water seal).

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