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  • ✔️ Air-tight, double-walled high borosilicate glass body
    ✔️ Hot-Cold Temperature retention, but safe to touch due to double-walled insulation
    ✔️ No glass surface sweating (condensation) and water droplets on the holder's hands as is typical with single glass cups
    ✔️ In-built mesh herb/fruit/tea/seed infuser for flavored beverages
    ✔️ Withstands from -20°C to 130°C - perfect for on-the-go!
    ✔️ Scratch-proof, durable, easily washable
    ✔️ Flat on both sides of the cylinder to prevent flips and falls
    ✔️ Two-way brewing with in-built removable cup

    "The classiest to-go cup.."

    Presenting one of our everyday, head turning favorites- The Yurn Double Glass Walled Tumbler that infuses your beverage on the go. The walls are made of high borosilicate glass, that preserves your drinks' temperature and freshness while making it safe to touch through advanced air-tight insulation.

    No Sweat

    The tumbler keeps your drinks cool or warm for way longer, strongly maintaining contrasting temperatures inside and outside the tumbler to prevent the usual surface sweating (condensation) and leaking. What's more? The tumbler can carry -20 to about 130 degrees Celsius, so there's really no drink left behind. The quality screams scratch-proof, sturdy and durable, making it stand out among other glass tumbler that do the job but are fragile to use and wash.

    Brew like a Boss

    The tumbler fits in perfectly at home or in the boardroom, supporting a lifestyle of fruit infusion, herbal potions, Ayurvedic seed cycling, or the usual wind down hot-water-and-lemon at the end of the day. It leaves you with no real excuse to not drink enough water. The unique two-sided flat lids keep the portable cup stable even when it is upside down, in one of our two brew modes:

    1. Fill the bottom larger compartment with your favorite ingredients and hot/cold water. Twist on the infusing mesh and the smaller glass compartment. When you're ready to drink, open up just the top smaller glass compartment and pour in your beverage through the infusing mesh into the now cup and sip in the tranquility.

    2. Fill the bottom larger compartment with hot/cold water. Twist on the infusing mesh. Add your dry infusing ingredients to sit on top of the mesh before you twist the smaller glass compartment on securely. When you are ready to infuse, turn the tumbler upside down so the water now infuses with the dry ingredients. Turn over when you're happy with the strength of the flavor and twist off the infusing mesh along with the smaller glass compartment over it. Sip and enjoy from the larger compartment (now, the cup!).


    So, whichever way you choose to hydrate, we got you!

    Capacity: 270ml

    Product Size: 7.0cm x 16.5cm / 2.76in*6.49in

    Weight: 380g

    Colors: Transparent Glass with Wood Brown

    Materials: High Borosilicate glass (body), PP food grade and nylon (mesh holder), 304 Stainless Steel (infuser mesh), Silicone gel (leak proof lining)

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