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Your Reason to Shop

When you shop at Yurn, you may think you are only guilty-buying yourself an instantly-gratifying object (well, in our case, a long-lasting, impactful, well-designed product), but you are actually believing and investing in a community of people who represent you at the frontlines by giving back, and uplifting those who are trying to survive unthinkable hurdles towards a safer tomorrow. And for that, we thank you.

Keep it Up! - KIU! India, Worldwide

A Mental health organization started in peak pandemic, aims to work as an advocate of mental health awareness. The organization has received recognition and appreciation from different sectors of the society.

Yurn Store is currently partnered with KIU! to support various activity sessions, psychoeducational sessions, art expression and live sessions to educate youth about mental illnesses and collaborated with psychologists and counsellors to engage those most effected by the pandemic, grief and loss in India. KIU! aims to reduce the stigma around mental health challenges and support those struggling with expression of their ‘real self’, navigating a world of unacceptance.

Yurn for Growth

Shivanesce Wellness Inc was founded on the focus of holistic wellness in daily life– through mind, body and soul.

Yurn by Shivanesce is a community by those and for those that yearn for cutting-edge, innovative, high-quality products that speak volumes on simplicity and sustainability – purposefully enhancing our unique individual paths towards wellness.

As a team, we yurn to create a lifestyle that makes space for the transformations we undergo in life, to give us insight, regeneration, safety, grounding, and as much usability as possible through products and services that help us become the best version of ourselves.

What happens when you shop with Yurn

We look at “Wellness” through a lens of abundance – the more we share it, the more it grows.

Much like the Shivanesce ideology, we stand for inclusivity of others and ourselves alike - where community, resources and support belong to everyone regardless of gender expression, intellect, abilities, sexual orientation, race, age, class, or group.

When you shop with us, you give us the ability to we team up with societies, businesses and organisations around the world that help support the community through mental health upliftment, youth poverty aid, skill building and education.